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Verb. Used to describe the action of adding someone to a friends list on LJ. Also used as a noun when referring the the friends list itself.
User 1: Will you add me?
User 2: Sure, I flisted you.


User 1: Add me to your flist?
by Girl w/ Camera August 14, 2005
Noun. Commonly used on blogging sites such as LJ, a 'friends list' consists of users that a person frequently comments on and/or 'talks' w/. When a user is added to a person's friends list, the user's entries appear on that person's friends page. Flist is commonly used as an abbreviation.
User: Hey, add me to your friends list?

User: I was only gone for a few days, but there are tons of entries on my friends page!
by Girl w/ Camera August 14, 2005
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