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cool relaxed way of chilling, usually used when you should be doing something more important.
WARNING - this is highly addictable.
i can't be arsed with this test i think im just going to schlomp.
by girl April 20, 2004
Two girls that are friends but engage in oral sex with each other; female "butt buddies".
Gosh, those two are together so much, they have to be spoon sisters.
by Girl March 26, 2005
1. A Bad ass old school Metallica song.
2. The most bad ass gaming clan to walk the earth. Clan Members wear tag ={DMG}=. and continually poon noobs "gretzky style".also known as DMG Their home is dmgclan.com and consist of some of the greatest video gamers known. They are led by "the fearless leader" aka ashe. Other members include Hitlers assasin, Edward Penishands, FarmerBrown,Jacko, Carp, Vertigo, Kid36, Seabass, You so stupad, Houzebomb,Ironman, Lygar, Ice dawg, Rocky, Kcire, and GIRLSW/GUNS see Ciara Bella DMG DMG Clan
I got owned by Damage inc. or DMG pooned my ass. or Farmer brown throws nades Dmg style or my ass hurts from the dmg ownage
by girl April 26, 2005
chick who is hot but has no sense of humour and is total dumbass
"shes such a toneil"
by girl December 31, 2003
gavin is the hottest guy on MI. All the girls love him and want to date him. He is also the nicest and funniest guy too.
i love gavin!
by girl May 13, 2004
reset is such a cool guy, he's niiiice and sweeeeeeet
by girl June 04, 2003
the sweetest sexiest guy on the face of the earth! plays ddr extremely well and takes good care of his girlfriend. back off ladies, hes MINE! :)
kute awesome JAP
Wow that PowerKun is soooo awesome!
by GirL February 01, 2005

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