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A gay guy who acts straight; reverse metro-sexual
Matt's one of those straight gay guys. By the way he acts and dresses, you'd never guess he was gay.
by Gipples September 14, 2009
(n) an exceptionally long speech given by one of your bros, one that could potentially last for days, that hinders your game, possibly by making delusional and often grossly falsified stories; (v) to impede action by grandiose and/or obstructive tactics, esp. by making long speeches.
(As a noun)

-"Dave was spitting some game at this girl the other night until I came in and told her about the time I was a fireman. She totally forgot Dave was there"
-"Ah, you gave him the old fellabuster, huh?"

(As a verb)
-"Dave was seeing Katie until I fellabustered his ass. Me and Katie have been married for 6 years. What have I done?"
by Gipples June 12, 2009
A single or set of food items
"Dude, you wanna get some winky?" "Yeah man, I'm starving"
by Gipples June 11, 2009

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