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a prejorative word ( relating to prejudice or racial terms)
used by people with spanish, or african decent to inflame the white race. It was used as a inverse word to Nigger, which as seen on wikipedia.com has no racist meaning what so ever. Cracker is a word that some white people, maily ones hooked onto the hip-hop culture use to describe other people making a parody of them being secure with their caucasian decent.
Cracker has a lot of etemology, and was deprived fromt he term, "cracking the whip", or resembling that of a cracker, which is usually white in color. ( maybe people suggest the white race tastes good- leading to the come back, yes i know my penis is very rich in flavor)
Cracker can be used in many different ways, half the time used as a racial slur, and/or offensive relation.
whats crackin, cracker
yo cracker ( as used by a man with african decent)
yo, i know this *fucking* cracker did not just do what i thought he did!
Whats good in the hood cracker, oh yea you wouldn't know.
by Giovanni-romeo November 30, 2006

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