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An affectionate headbut, usually given by a person from the town of Derby, often known as 'nutting' someone.
Zidane and Materazzi after the 2006 world cup final... Materazzi called Zidanes mother an affectionate name thus, leading to a Derby Kiss
by GiorgiO February 25, 2012
Main Entry: BIC
Pronunciation: 'bik
Function: trademark
Etymology: from the shortened version of the family name of the company’s founder, Marcel Bich.
-- used for disposable pens, lighters and razors

Main Entry: BIC
Pronunciation: 'bik
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: from BIC
1 : to shave with a BIC disposable razor
2 : to shave with any wet razor (disposable and/or cartridge)
Hey, your head is very smooth today. Did you clip it or did you BIC it?
I BIC'd it.
by Giorgio February 24, 2004
Beautiful Italian girl
Whoa guys! Check out that boccioni!
by giorgio March 11, 2012

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