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1. (positive)
Your dream person. Your perfect person. The person to whom you wish to be with intimately more than anyone else. This person is characterized by the following statements and application rational.
The unicorn is a rare mythological creature:
They have healing powers and can neutralize poison:
Despite its rarity, everyone has a unicorn. But everyone’s unicorn is rare to them. This one person can sooth your soul and give you a sense of worth or completeness. Just the thought of this person can heal your innermost pain on the darkest of days. It’s the perfect person.

2. (negative)
The unreachable love. Too good to be true because her unicorn status is superficial. Because most unicorns are rare and out of touch, the truth of the unicorn is likely askew. Beauty is exaggerated and faults and other unattractive attributes are forgotten or discounted. It’s your true love…Mr. Right… dream girl… and endless pursuit of this unicorn can only lead to disappointment.
1. “I’ve been in love with Erin since the first time we went to dinner together. When I lost her, I felt as if a piece of my soul died; however every time I think of her, that piece of my soul glows like the moon. Yep, Erin, she is my unicorn. I would climb a mountain just to be with here for a minute!”

2. “Wake up idiot, she’s a moron!”
“No she’s not; she’s the nicest smartest person I know.”
“You say that because she’s your unicorn. You have chosen to forget about her criminal record and trends of stupidity! Snap out of it and look at who she really is!”
by Gino De Bernardo March 06, 2006

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