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Blitz is when you get a job or a task done in as little amount of time as possible. Also used as a term of doing thing in a fast pace doing things fast.
Craig "we'll blitz thru the cleaning & piss of home".

Martin "k001 lets blitz it so i can get some lovin from the misses".
by Gino Chiarella May 16, 2006
Smellovision is when a particular smell is so strong you can see the fumes comeing from were, or a smell that is so strong you can see the effects of the stench melting or pealing something away such as wall paper.
Jim "check out the smellovision pealing the paper from the walls"
Nick "damn that stanks i can see it dude"
by Gino Chiarella March 21, 2006
Suplo is a word derived from many words to be used as a shorter lazyer way of typing. Comes from the saying:
Watsup "what is up"
Sup - Watsup
Lo - hello
The word has been moved around to make it look /<0013r thean what it should be Losup changed to Suplo.

Often used on online games or msn
Hybrid Havoc says:
Superfly Forever says:
"hay sup yo"
by Gino Chiarella January 10, 2006
The term used to describe an associate who isnt really a friend. Some one who you dislike that may be slightly dense.
Martin is a Breadbin
by Gino Chiarella January 10, 2006
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