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Pronounced: E-HIGH-AH - Maori for Awesome
An awesome guy who will always have your back. Hansome, fun, charming and a real mans man. Hunter gatherer family man. Loves his family and his friends. He's Generally great at making cocktails expecially daiquiris. Green eyed Maori warrior - who you shouldn't mess with when he is defending someone or thing he truly believes in... coz you'll lose! He is a loyal trust worthy friend and if you ever find an Ihaia you must bribe him with food and beer. If he's is your friend with out the bribe you know he'll be your friend for life coz he's BFF4L material and you wouldn't want it any other way. If you choose to introduce him to your family they will fall head over heals for him.

Talented at building, painting, drawing, fishing and gardening!
He is the 'nis'.
And Captain Awesome
"you are my favourite"
"you are my Ihaia"
"you are the man"
"you are Ihaia"
"I'm going for a boys night out"
"I'm going for an Ihaia" lol
by Ginja-Ninja February 07, 2010

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