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Someone who uses the medium of the Internet to act the "tough guy". This helps re-affirm his heterosexuality and makes up for the lack of self esteem he has.

An internet toughguy will often spend 25 hours a day playing games often reaching the upper echelons & being in a position to do a "Ridgway". When you ask is he is cheating, he will just call you a FAG.
Random gamer: =ASY=The_Ridge how did you do that?

=ASY=The_Ridge: Shut up you fag, do you have a 8800GT? No?... you FAG then im going to ban you from the Internet for life.

Random gamer: Internet toughguy Why di..."user has been disconnected from the server"

=ASY=GingerMatt: Ridge, that was a bit harsh wasn’t it?

*=ASY=GingerMatt has been banned from the server*
by Ginger_Matt August 16, 2007

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