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1) Chara in the south park movie.
2) A stripy vampire guy
3) Someone who looks like a mole
"We're going to have to call in: The Mole!"
by Ginger Gouki January 06, 2004
One of the main chara's from the cult manga 'Zombe Powder' and one of the best chara's ever created. Said manga can be downloaded on most manga sites.
C.T.Smith, age unknown, blood type AO+ and fav word "D-Cup"
by Ginger Gouki January 06, 2004
2D fighting game by SNK, made for Neo Geo
"Another fucking n00b talking about Tekken. That fuck needs to get a real fighting game, like King of The Fighterss, Samurai Showdown or The Last Blade"
by Ginger Gouki January 06, 2004
Fighting game chara' from SNK's 2D fighting game 'The Last Blade', witch is pritty much unknown outside of Japan (but not to 2D fighting game fans). Knowlage of him and this game should command respect (none of that Tekken bull-s***)
Kagami Vs. Setsuna
by Ginger Gouki January 06, 2004

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