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(noun) A phone call aimed at getting one thing and one thing only. Not an invite to to go out for a movie, not just coffee, not a casual or formal get-together, just a plain old-fashioned "bring me food" with no strings attached.
Example 1:

Ginger: OMG, did you see the pics of Janet Jackson? She made her first public appearance in months and it looks like she gained 100 lbs!

Jasmine: Wow! She must have been at home making Foodie Calls all this time!

Example 2:

Girl: Can you please cook dinner for me tonight for once?
Boy: Why should I do that when we can just make a Foodie Call?

Example 3:

Single Guy: Ugh, all I have in the kitchen is cereal, soup, and beer and I don't want to miss the game on TV! I better make a Foodie Call if I'm gonna eat something decent tonight!
by Ginger Divine May 27, 2010

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