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Another rhyming slang term for having a nightmere. A "Weston super mare" however, is used to define a troubling situation of significantly higher magnitude than your average "Tony Blair"
Weston-Super-Mare is also know as a shite seaside holiday town in the West of England.
"Mate, I'm having a Weston. The Mrs came around last night and found me in bed with her mum."
by Ginger Binger October 22, 2003
To have a wank
Looks like you've been stroking the wookie all night
by Ginger Binger October 22, 2003
New world rhyming slang for a strong Belgian beer known as Stella Artois. Also affectionately know as "Wife Beater"
"Get us a pint of Nelson in Mate, I'm skint"
by Ginger Binger October 22, 2003
New World Rhyming Slang for Balls ie testicles.
"I can get up mate. That block just clocked me square in the Niagaras"
by Ginger Binger October 22, 2003

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