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A humorous term for toilet paper; a play on the phrase facial tissue
Facial tissue? It's on aisle 7, right beside the asscial tissue.
by GinaMarie September 24, 2007
Were it not for Dick Cheney, this would be the best course of action for the citizens of the United States.
Despite his abysmal track record on virtually every substantive issue, American voters failed to seize the opportunity to fire Bush in the 2004 presidential election.
by GinaMarie October 05, 2007
The kind of amnesia experienced when one takes the sleep-aid Ambien.
Guy: Dude why did you text me in a foreign language last night?

Girl: I have no idea...I must have Ambnesia. I have candy wrappers in my bed, also.
by GinaMarie November 02, 2008
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