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5 definitions by Gina Dow

senior bureaucrat - derived from colonial India
The decision came down from the poobahs
by Gina Dow August 10, 2006
68 29
A person who thinks their day job isn't their real job: busboy/actor; waitress/actress; waiter/writer; cleaner/scriptwriter; singer/secretary
Who's on Big Brother this year? Oh, just the usual bunch of slashies.
by Gina Dow August 27, 2006
43 21
Cute term for computer. Related to 'pookie' characters in English children's literature. In common useage in workplaces in Australia.
You should see my new compookie.
by Gina Dow August 10, 2006
5 0
Given to taking advantage of women
His behaviour towards her was piratical.
by Gina Dow August 10, 2006
6 10
Australian term for deridable nonsense - used sardonically or in fun
What a load of donkey kong.
by Gina Dow August 10, 2006
15 111