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An occupation where an individual goes around making sure customer service is good, and spectacular.

If the customer service is not to their expectations, they will act like a complete and utter douche bag. To the point where you wouldn't want to serve them anyways.
/b/'s job is to be a secret shopper.

You don't want to displease a secret shopper, for they are complete assholes if you do not give them over the counter head service.
by Gin_Tama July 11, 2009
When a student partakes in a class for a full semester, and holds a close to, if not failing mark.

Come the final exam, the failing student bombs the final, but the teacher passes him along into the next grade/course level via "mercy pass".
Jeff is practically a chimp. The only way he'll pass this course is if he gets mercy passed. Hell. A chimp has more of a chance now that I think about it.
by Gin_Tama January 26, 2010

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