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5 definitions by Gimp

Comes from latin word Troglodites, meaning cave man. Derogotory name for Native Americans, popular in Flagstaff, AZ to describe Navajos. TROG is also an accronym "Total Reliance on Government".
Goddammit! Those Trogs never leave a tip and leave a huge mess!!
by Gimp August 02, 2003
475 227
When a `hit` is put out on you.
You have been greenlit
by Gimp June 29, 2003
63 13
"'Baduizm' is an experience, an emotion, a feeling. It is designed to get you high through pure music, energy and soul."
Erykah Badu's debut classic album.
by gimp April 12, 2005
15 2
Poor Engine builder
Who ever built that engine is a complete Imatrukahs....
by Gimp August 22, 2003
2 3
A nickname for atomicMPC, a great community of, well, nerds. But well-meaning nerds.

Also a nickname for atomicMPC the magazine.
Hey did you catch last month's issue of atomic?

Hey, did you catch that thread in atomic?
by gimp June 26, 2004
11 14