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to be pimp, cool, or down with what is going on in todays society
BRON-BRON is so gill dude.
by gill April 18, 2004
A combination of brogues and braces, often worn by rockstars eg The Libertines
"Pete pass me my bloody broces!...You wore them last night!"
by Gill June 15, 2004
Female chav
Female wearing Burbury, dancing clown necklaces, sovereign rings, baseball caps and 4 kids by the time they're 19.
by Gill February 29, 2004
a black person
check out that pinetree coupin some chino doooo
by gill April 18, 2004
50 cent's(the famous rapper) real name
one two three four five six
by gill March 05, 2005
means marijuana, dope, bud, pot, ect.
cmon doodie lets go coup some chino
(lets go smoke dope)
by gill February 15, 2005
an organization that helps animals by immediately destroying them.
Pet owner: I lost my cat, the spca called me and told me that they had found him, unfortunately they immediately destroyed him.

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "I work for the SPCA--and animals are not immediately killed. If an animal is picked up without ID or microchip they are tested for contageous disease, such as feline leukemia or rabies. If diseased, they are euthanized. If not, they are quarantined and put up for adoption. If a person is foolish enough not to ID or microchip their pet and don't keep their vaccinations up, they can't blame us if we have to put them down to protect the other shelter animals."

Second comment submitted with request to Delete: "Gill, you obviously do not know anything about the SPCA and you are basing your entire opinion on one incident. (which perhaps never happened anyhow) Stereotypical statements such as yours usually arise from ignorance and this serves as one such example. Ninety percent of the definitions on this site based on organizations, cliques, or groups that deviate from the general consensus are stereotypes, but this is the only one I felt strong enough about to submit a request for deletion which probably won't matter anyhow."
by gill September 09, 2003
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