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Somone who:
- Switch's teams to the winning one and say they were with them the whole time
-Doesn't ever brush their teeth
-Thinks they are the coolest person even though they have a chode, smell like piss and no one likes him/her
-Wheres a hat to the side
-Lies about everything
-Is a Ginger
-And their piss and farts smell like axe
Hey do you know that douche bag (and/or ginger)?

Why yes i do parker, its Will Plotnick, the kid who thinks he's amazing and eats and breaths axe to cover up his natural piss B.O.

Oh wow, i feel bad for him does he have any friends?

Nope, just oreos and the kid with a bigger forhead than space montain
by Gilf Lover_4000 July 05, 2009

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