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I know from living here,born and raised.I moved away in 2003.I came to the East Coast near New York city.Okay,Merced is ok if your just a so-called "normal" person.But if your different,like i was,and just unique and Flamboyant.This town is full of Homophobes.it's very closed-minded,Extremely Anti-Gay and full of stupid Bigots.I used to hate being hurrassed,and not feeling like i didn't belong.It was a hard place to live and be yourself.Being Openly-Gay in Merced County has been Hell.This is an OK town for some,But for me i had to leave what i left behind.and that was my Dear Family and "Some" Friends.The other stuff was pure History.I admit,Merced is a cool town,theres some nice people,but theres also a lot of Anti-Gay people as well.

Gilbert Ray Reyes
Aka Maverick
by Gilbert Ray Reyes January 18, 2009
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