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-a) Weird race of humans ( but are these humans ? ) whose main ability is to clutter up boards and chat rooms with pointless , utter spam .

Some scientists looked their case closer, and it is now a scientificaly proven fact that LT3's are closer to monkey than humans.

Those animals really like to make themselves victims and Martyrs .

-b) Synonym of 'brainless git' , and 'congenital idiot'

-c) Pokers of badgers with spoons .
LT3> T
LT3> T
LT3> T
LT3> I'm SO great!
* LT3 has been kicked by Gil-Galad ( Stop spamming, LT3 )
* LT3 has joined #gua
LT3> Why me? I did nothing wrong!
by Gil-Galad February 12, 2004

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