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By far the worst user on any message board ever. Gets off on reporting users and being an arrogant ass. Got two of the greatest users ever on IGN permabanned
I hope your mother builds a time machine and goes back in time and aborts you, AirNik
by Gigli March 15, 2005
What a fat loser whore.
I, PhoenixGirlie, am going to report you all to the mods and then I shall suck some homeless guys cock to pay my internet bill.
by Gigli March 17, 2005
One of the greatest users ever to grace IGN. Never turns down the chance to start a tumbleweed riot. Unfortunately, on March 12th, 2005, his IGN life was cut short when he was permabanned.
I blame AirNik for Redhotkick's permabanning.
by Gigli March 15, 2005
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