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The dolphin switch is a metaphorical "switch" that can be flicked when one wishes to change their sexuality at the drop of a hat.

Born of the concept that Dolphins can "switch" between safe sex and unprotected sex whenever they so wish - so why wouldn't they be able to switch sexualities?
Aww man...that guy's so hot....but I'm dating Amanda!" "Dude...just flick the Dolphin Switch!" "Aww man, didn't think of that. Click. Done!
by Giga Sonic December 06, 2010
When you wear your lady friend like a pair of boots. Guess where your foot goes!
I couldn't find any shoes to wear to the party on saturday, so Jessica offered to be my lady boots. Obviously I only had the one, but I was the life and soul of the party. Shame about Jessica's womb though.
by Giga Sonic December 06, 2010

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