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5 definitions by GiddyUpBaby

a messy murky twat w/ a foul smelling gassy fog escaping from it all sloppy and nasty & swamp like, it kinda explains itself!!
yuckkkkkkkkk we smelled that nasty swamp twat creepin up on us...
by GiddyUpBaby February 15, 2010
9 4
A slut on wheels or a slut that just rolls their slutty ass all ova from place to place lookin to get their cream on !!
Hey SLUTWHEEL why don't you roll on outta here...

or roll ur slutwheel ass on down whore highway!!!
by GiddyUpBaby August 18, 2009
3 2
Fagisil is like vagisil (ass cream) for fags with an ass infucktion or itchy ass from bein a fagwhore.
Jeffrey gave Stephen a tube of Fagisil for his ass infucktion... or omg boyfriend ur ass is nasty u need fagisil !!
by GiddyUpBaby July 30, 2009
3 2
anyone that repeatedly uses Skype to have SkyperSex with friends or random people on the
I can't believe they are still together... they are both such Skyper Whores getting their cream on with other people online all the time!!!
by GiddyUpBaby January 29, 2011
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a Skyper is someone that communicates with others online using Skype.
Hey that chicks e-pic is hot.... r u gonna Skyper with her ?
by GiddyUpBaby January 29, 2011
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