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A secret group, consisting of lesbian or bisexual models. The term was coined in honor of the late Gia Carangi, a lesbian supermodel in the '80s.
Model 1: "Hey, do you think she's one of Gia's Girls?"
Model 2: "Yeah, I heard she's dating Katie, but she's also Antony's beard."
Model 1: "Dayum."
by Gichanel January 19, 2010
The homosexual elite who control the art world.
Straight Critic: "I think this piece is trash."
Member of Homintern: *walks over to another man, engages in discreet conversation*
Man: "This work is incredible! Jodie, Jodie! Come over here and interview the artist. She's obviously the next big thing in the art world."
Member of Homintern: *smug smile*
by Gichanel January 19, 2010
A fictional woman who exists solely for the purpose of pleasing, pleasuring, and caring for her significant other. She is a modern male fantasy of the meek submissive '50s housewife.
Husband: "Sweetums, if you were arealwifey, you would wash my pajamas by hand while I'm away at work. Don't forget to make dinner by five o'clock!"
Wife: "I am going to stab you with my vibrator and file for divorce."
by Gichanel January 20, 2010
Unnatural weight loss caused by non-prescription medication. Similar to the Jenny Crank Diet.
Galpal: "Darling, she looks terrible! All skin and bags. What do you think happened?"
Gaypal: "Sweetie, she obvs is on the Omaha Diet. It does terrible things to your complexion."
by Gichanel January 20, 2010

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