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3 definitions by Giblaz

Definitely has to do something with Snoop Dogg.
"That was snoopalicious"
by Giblaz October 28, 2003
11 2
The person reading this phrase thinks you're congratulating them by saying GG, or good game, but then you insult them by calling them a FGT, or faggot, and then they will realize that they have been owned and will slit their wrists while listening to Dashboard Confessionals.
"Sorry I kicked your ass so hard. GG FGT"
by Giblaz December 12, 2003
31 23
Only the sexiest man to ever grace this earth. The women want him, and the men want to be him.
"Giblaz is one sexy ho."
by Giblaz October 28, 2003
7 1