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4 definitions by Gibbous Fowl

Anything documented that someone elses reads.
I read it on the internet, it must be the truth.
by Gibbous Fowl April 27, 2012
To find out that one has fallen asleep at some underdetermined time, but only upon waking.
The vice President was caught exercising "noderation" as the President delivered his State of the Union address.
by Gibbous Fowl September 16, 2011
Slanguage: The bastardization of a million languages. The Language spoken by Americans.
Get it right Mate, we gots our own Slanguage in these United States.
by Gibbous Fowl November 28, 2011
KIK: kik is used to designate a joke that may be stupider than funny.
"On my God, all night long everytime I tried to write LOL, I hit the wrong keys, getting up this morning I realized I had kik'd everyone of those stupid jokes".
by Gibbous Fowl October 10, 2011