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one who comes, or sperms like a wild goat. massive ejaculation. when coming like a wild goat, one usually kicks his leg and punches his load carelessly. seizure like effects may occur
"I was manning Stacy's turret when i yanked it out of her swank and shot her in the face like a Cum goat. I totally gave her a black eye."
by gianni October 16, 2004
A Canadian Nigger. Very simple.
That Canigger thought he was tough, stepping up on me at the bar last night. Then I broke both his arms.
by Gianni September 26, 2004
a mid-sized sedan that has only 10% of it's original parts remaining and over 10 years. It's large enough for 5, but can easily accomodate 7. 8 if you include the trunk
8 of us can't fit in the neon, we'll need 2 rides. No problem get the "cobra cab"
by Gianni April 07, 2005
An Indian Reservation, especially the Onondaga Reservation near Syracuse, New York.
Driving through the res at night is a very bad idea. One might easily get res-jacked by some res-cops. Those red trash bastards hate white people.
by Gianni October 13, 2004
A policeman on an Indian Reservation (especially the Onondaga Reservation). Basically a gang of asshole red trash who drive around the res looking for whites to res-jack.
Those res-cops nearly caught me, but I got back into white territory just in time!
by Gianni September 28, 2004
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