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5 definitions by Giacomo G

Bush Administration propaganda masquerading as "news," which can appear on Fox News or any other corporate media, along with so-called public channels like NPR and PBS. Combined form of "Fox" from Fox News Channel, the cable propaganda network owned by Rupert Murdoch and run by (former?) Republican Party operative Roger Ailes, and "propaganda."
The Coultergeist was really dishing out the foxaganda on "Insanity & Comatose" the other night. She's a major foxagandist.

Gwen Ifill's roundtable with nothing but Republican Bush fluffers on PBS the other night was a bunch of foxaganda.

Is CNN stepping up the foxaganda by hiring wingnut opinionist Glenn Beck?
by Giacomo G January 23, 2007
A ridiculously overpriced coffee-based drink, hot or iced, generally sold at places where employees are referred to as "barristas."
Chumski made us stop at Starbucks so he could get one of those extra-venti gheyocchino drinks with extra sprinkles, and he made us totally late for the meeting. What a dickwhistle.
by Giacomo G June 28, 2007
Faux-hickoid scion of a wealthy New England family transplanted to Texas, where his daddy, a future U.S. president, worked in the awl bidness. Served as governor of Texas. Was appointed to the U.S. presidency on December 12, 2000, by the Supreme Court; took office on January 20, 2001; proceeded to start a war in Iraq and wreck the U.S. economy. Scheduled to be replaced on January 20, 2009, unless he declares himself "dictator" or "decider"; in that case, all bets are off.
Looks like ol' Jethro Mussolini has his monkeys in the State Department trumping up another case for invading one of them "furrin countries," in this case Iran.

Jethro Mussolini attached "signing statements" to several bills he signed into law today, essentially changing the meaning of them into something else.

Jethro Mussolini pronounces nuclear as "NEW-kyu-luhr."
by Giacomo G October 02, 2007
So skanky, you say it with a lisp.
That Lindthay Lohan bitch ith tho thkanky she got her orange tanning jithm all ova her cooter and she be thmellin' like douchedick. Her and the retht of them thelebrity thkankth be thuckin' doberman ballth!
by Giacomo G May 12, 2008
Ugly-ass clothing that tells everyone you're a complete dumbshit or douchebag, typically featuring garish designs that are the graphic-arts abortions. Examples of popular tardwear brands include "TapouT" and "No Fear," and there are many more.
Ever since Sam started rockin' the TapouT tardwear, it's become pretty apparent that his prefrontal lobotomy must have kicked him in the head hard.

What kind of douche puts giant tardwear logos like "No Fear" or "TapouT" in their car or truck windows?
by Giacomo G February 23, 2008