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Geeboygee is an adjective that describes something that is bad.
Did you know that in India, they call butter "Ghee".
Wow, thats geeboybee

we have a test in stupidface's class
Damn, that is geeboygee
by Ghoulciti March 28, 2007
The meep is an interdimentional being that is undefinable by any human measurement. However it manifests itself as a head with a huge smile and special ears. It also wears a spotted party hat. The earth, and everything, was created by the meep. After he was finished, he smiled from ear to ear and put on a wonderful party hat. The meep simultaneousely watches over everything and everyone on the earth and throughout the many universes under his jurisdiction. The meep has a strict moral code, wich can be summed up by three letters arranged as points on a triangle surrounding his beutiful head. These letters are H, D, and S. The Meep stands for happiness, drugs, and sick beats.
Larry's Gorgeous Girlfriend: I love jesus 4 life! Jesus is x-treme. He offers x-treme salvation through x-treme repentance for awesome sinz!

Me: Fuck you bitch, I'm representing the meep. He stands for hapiness, drugs, and sick beats. He doesn't give a shit about anyone! He loves life, and himself.

Larry's Gorgeous Girlfriend: Yeah, whatev. I hate all those things, especially hapiness. It makes me feel unclean.
by Ghoulciti March 28, 2007
Were you go when you make a pile for your boyz.
I think I am going to go to heaven because I made a pile for my boyz.
by Ghoulciti March 28, 2007

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