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To get pwned, xwned, zwned, qwned and quizno'wned all at the same time.
"liek lol wtf kthx kfc nwa u sux0r. haa gg fgt ur prank'd now!!!!11one"
by ghoulmasterX August 20, 2003
To complete a task quickly and efficiantly, or to work hard at something.
>Hey man you wanna come burn a johnny and play with "Google Earth"?
>> Nah man, I gotta torque this essay.

>You ready for your exam today?
>>Yeah for sure, I've been torquing astronomy all weekend.

>That broad was pretty hammered last night
>>yeah I fuckin' torqued her till 6 in the morning.
by GhoulMasterX December 26, 2005
To steal quickly, or slyly
"I totally swooped steve's cookie"
by GhoulMasterX February 06, 2003

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