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An instance when one's rationality is lost, which results in an embarrassing comment or action that goes seemingly unrealized until later. Situations like this tend to instigate anger and can go as far as one party seeking revenge through violence.
Al: Dude I can't believe you just asked to touch that girls boobs.

John: Yeah, she really slapped me hard. Do you think that was stupid?

Al: Worse, I think you just had A Madden Moment.

John: Ninty Percent of the game is half mental.
by Ghostface Slinger January 30, 2009
The group of people who have comitted their lives to the works of the Wu Tang Clan, whether commiting violent acts for the group or simply representing the group in all walks of life.
Wow, since Terrell joined the Killarmy, he hasn't done anything without first getting the ok a Wu member.
by Ghostface Slinger January 30, 2009
A ninja in training. This often refers to children who plan to become ninjas.
Tim: Dude, I am training to be a ninja.

Dave: Aren't you a little young to be a ninja?

Tim: Dude, I'm a ninjlet, duh.
by Ghostface Slinger January 30, 2009
A dispute between two men of the African American race, which can't be resolved and eventually leads the ruin of their friendship.
I have never seen Max so mad, I don't think he'll ever talk to his brother again after that Schizzom Foshizzom.
by Ghostface Slinger January 30, 2009
A creature who displays characteristics that include stupidity and ignorance of the situation and setting that they are in.
John: Wow that cow doesn't seem to do much, but eat grass. Hmmm, a cow that just eats grass.

Al: Yes John, that type of bovine is called a maddnism.

John: Why? Is that a good thing?

Al: No, John that is a bad thing.

John: Oh, like a half back trying to tackle his quarterback, or me commentating games.

Al: Yes John.
by Ghostface Slinger January 30, 2009
An extremely crafty African-American, with the ability to take willingly without being caught in the act.
Damn, that sligger got away with my watch and I didn't even notice.
by Ghostface Slinger January 30, 2009
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