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"The Zanes" or "Zanies", a term that originated around the Seattle area. "Zanies" are vapid, superficial young people that are often close-minded and stereotypical, caring about little beyond status and their appearance. Very rich people who care only about money and material things are also called "Zanies". Many Zanes are not malicious, but are always very ignorant.

The saying "Nuke the Zanes!" is a reference to the Zanies, usually used by people who don't approve of the Zany lifestyle.
I grew up in Bellevue, there's nothing but Zanies over there, unlike Seattle.
#zane #the #zanies #nuke #zanes #zany #douchebag #rich bitch #whore
by GhostHorseandStillborn August 12, 2010
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