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a pornographic web site.
What does Lance do at the office? He visits his favorite dot cum, and jacks his beanstalk!
by Gheyellah August 03, 2006
Someone who is impossible to locate, someone who is very illusive or simply does not exist.
Bigfoot is like Charles Chavez of Chinese Czechoslovakia.

You shouldnt waste your time trying to locate someone by the name of Charles Chaves who hails from Chinese Czechoslovakia because such person does not exist.
by Gheyellah August 16, 2006
One who has the juice. It could be used to refer to a man who has respect and credibility, or to a woman who is extremally fine "juicy".
Ron check out that chick that just walked in, she is such a juice cake!
by Gheyellah August 01, 2006
a dash (run) to be taken by someone who is a dill or a dill weed, in other words telling a dill weed to take a hike.
Hey you dill weed, why don't you take a dill dash!
by Gheyellah August 02, 2006

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