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2 definitions by Ghetto Chad

The worst, least talented "musicians" of the 21st century. If you don't know who these pussies are, I'll give you a few details:

-They wear clown makeup.
-They "rap" about the stupidest, most inane things.
-They have many dumbass fans(see Juggalos) who feel that they are being "underground" by listening to pure shit.
-They have some wierd hatred for Eminem.
Juggalo: "ICP rock my cock!"
Normal person: Please...just...go away
by Ghetto Chad April 19, 2005
Chad Henson, the pimpest ghetto gangsta. He will raid a crack house and blow away all them muh fucks if they fuck with him. He also has a theme song:

Ghetto Chad, Chetto Chad
He has a gat, he's fuckin bad
fucks the bitches, snorts the yay
if you hate, you're fuckin gay
Watch out, a-here comes Ghetto Chad
SNAP! Ghetto Chad is comin! RUN, BITCHES!
by Ghetto Chad April 14, 2005