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When something is as good or comprable to the amazing powers of the Great Basketball player Steve Novak.
John: How did you like Batman
Kevin: It was pretty good. Steve Novak Good

Mike: Did you like "He's Just Not That In To You"
Al: Hell no, it was NOT Steve Novak Good
by Ghandi Von Wilson December 10, 2009
Mid Day Masturbation. The greatness of settling down in the middle of the day when that nagging broker will not cease. You sneak off to a work bathroom, your bedroom, anywhere really, and bust a load. Then you go back to your normal routine as if nothing amazing just occurred.
Rob: Jeff, why are you smiling?
Jeff: I just MDM'd in the basement.
Rob: You lucky son bitch!
by Ghandi Von wilson January 18, 2012
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