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So called celebrities who no longer have an authentic career in Hollywood. They are usually sought out by reality shows such as the Surreal Life or Celebrity Mole because they'll work for food.
Kathy Griffin, Gary Coleman, Charo... the list goes on and on.
by Ghandi Gab July 25, 2005
Usually small minded males trying to overcompensate for their small penile size by revving up their ego. Supposed to be the manliest of men, most come off as gay, since their enormous petruding muscles and small red bikinis tend to repel sane women. They constantly converse with fellow body builders over their daily protein intake or steroid use. Most tend to not be flexible, and they always carry a bottle of self bronzer and or baby oil.
Body Builder #1: "Hey Jeff, can you inject my ass with this Steroid?"

Body Builder #2: "After you rub my pectorals down with this coco butter."
by Ghandi Gab July 16, 2005

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