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2 definitions by Geyo

a completely fucked-up "psychedelic" rock band, giving your ears a bad LSD trip from hell. the band members should all be exiled to the farthest reaches of the universe.
I listened to made in mexico's songs, and i bled from the ears..
by Geyo January 17, 2008
14 8
A decent place to live, if u stay put and never go out. people cant drive to save their lives, traffic is horrendous because of the lack of road planning consequently causing shitty roads, a lack of real intelligent populous, but hey, at least we drive better than north carolinians.

ps, the weather sux...if it got any more humid, the sky would turn to water, and in the winter it feels like siberia at times. to all these peoples saying it's wonderful, you obviously dont live here...
I live in virginia, i drive like an ass and my alignment is ruined by potholes. fucking carolinians need to drive the speed limit. its too hot! (the next day) its to cold!
by Geyo January 17, 2008
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