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A person who refuses to taste food or specifically meat, before drowning it in Ketchup.

An ignorant individual who will not try anything new or refuses to try a new concept.

An annoying individual who stalks females.
Who' this dumbjack? (A ridiculous looking individual who is assumed to be a stalker.)

Can you please pass the Ketchup? (This statement is in the first person, where the individual is at a establishment where fine meats are served in which case a pointless amount of ketchup is dumped onto ones main course.)

Oh my god, is dumbjack doing it again? (Third person statement where the same situation is as above but from anothers perspective.
by Getzimus November 26, 2007
Universal noun but normally pertaining to an immediate place or thing.
Man, its hot up in this pieece. (Out side on a Hot day.)

You better turn up the heat in this piece.(A car during winter time.)

I cant wait to be up out this pieece. (Get out of work hopefully early)

Cant wait to get me some of that pieece. (A female)

Whats up with this pieece? (A place of entertainment such as a theater or Restaurant that is not meeting the individuals expectations.)
by Getzimus November 26, 2007

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