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Sex Appeal, Unique And Exotic! Classy And Got Amazing Goals, Usually A Player But Will Settle Down For A Independent Woman...Really Cute and Charming......Dreamer
Girl: Hey whats ur nameee??
Boy: Muza
Girl: Oh...My...God....Muzaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Girl: Im In Love All Over!!!!!!!!!
by GetMoneyyyy December 06, 2010
The kind of girl who will make everyone cry or get angry then make them smile and laugh. She's gorgeous like a work of story l sry during renaissance time but she's gangster and ghetto when she's approached the wrong way. She's humble and secretive yet outspoken and cocky. She's the sensitive Cancer and the sexy Scorpio.
"Look at Iresha damn she bad!"
by getmoneyyyy October 13, 2013
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