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-Possibly the most overrated person ever to have became famous.

what she lacks in talent, she makes up in fat on her ass.

Also know for her uncanny ability to make every song she has ever made sound almost identical.

And making sure all 4 minutes of her music videos contain at least 3 minutes and 58 seconds of her jiggling her cellulite.

-A Porch monkey-
"OMG!! did you just see beyonce's ass just swallow that kid?

Could also be refereed to as a prostitute,
-One who sells their body for financial gain-
by Get-down-off-the-roof-maa! September 25, 2009
To rudely interrupt someone without showing any respect or self control, When nobody wants your opinion anyway.
Whilst a gathering of people are having a conversation about Osama Bin Laden, Taylor Swift runs in to the room and interrupts with..

"Now imma let you finish, but Kanye is the biggest asshole of all time! OF ALL TIME!"
by Get-down-off-the-roof-maa! September 25, 2009
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