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The term "Hip Hop Be Dead" reflects the ending of an era. Early in 2010 Hip hop took a serious back seat to REAL music preformed by people who actually have real talent, and can sing or play an instrument, vs Hip Hop (trash talk and dick grabbing) along with content such as, Drugs, Ho's, Pimps, Sex, Hood Life, Money, Crime, Disrespect to woman, Shootings, Guns, Bling & Bitches!

Now all the rappers are scrambling to incorporate performers with real talent to appear with them on any attempted new release.

Also all Rap, Hip Hop performers are trying to desperately look respectable when preforming now! (what a joke!!) No Hoodie, No Baggies, No Bling, ... one last desperate attempt to "look" respectable after two decades of looking like ghetto street thugs!! .... street trash!!

The next generation of Americans recognize how ignorant Rap and Hip Hop music was, and no longer are interested in just another BULL SHIT Rap song form another no talent Nigger form the hood!!!

Hip Hop Be Dead!!!
Joe: Wow I can actually listen to the radio again and not puke!!

Max: Yup, ... thats cus " Hip Hop Be Dead " now!!!
by Get Real Ya All!!! April 06, 2010
NOT a street smart person who most of the time lives in the hood, very hardcore. Normally rolls in a gang because they lack direction in life, And has many ho's who he thinks acutely like and respect him (truly delusional!) Thug Nigga's never learned how to interact in society.

The average Thug Nigga is on the fast track to prison, drugs, and death!!
Joe: Wow, that guy actually thinks he's respected and smart

Max: Yup ... Just another "thug nigga" on crack!!
by Get Real Ya All!!! April 08, 2010
Hip Hop Culture

1)The shit that's responsible for black guys looking like total retards by white upper class females.

2)The shit that your parents hate, and you just never learned any better! (Dumb Ass!!!)

3)The way black folk talk,(Uneducated) walk, (Slow!!) and dress. (look'n like a fool with your pants on the ground!!)
Black Guy: Baby let's go bump this new Fiddy Cent and smoke this L, and than maybe we can knock boots or sumum.

White Girl: I've never had a black man before. And now I remember why!

Black Guy: God bless hip hop culture. It sure am nice to have an excuse for being stupid!!
by Get Real Ya All!!! April 06, 2010

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