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To be "Dixie Chicked" is when you are boycotted by a bunch of simple minded, beer drinking, Bush supporting rednecks, that are are easily mislead by misinformation, instead of being able to make an intelligent and informed decision for themselves!

Yes. its true, the NASCAR crowd is a bit "slow" and have grown up with others thinking for them!

So when the extreme conservatives start sending a bunch of misinformation to the rednecks, of corse its a natural fit!

But fortunately the Dixie Chicks promptly dumped the redneck crowd and continue to survive quite nicely without the help or support of country music radio.

The Dixie Chicks are a great example of brave Americans who refused to back down to simple mindedness and political correctness, They continue to be be brilliant at all they do, and will be rewarded by people who know the meaning of a true American band!

Joe: Hey ... did you see all the crap the reporters are saying on TV?

Max: Yup ... they better be carful they don't end up being " Dixie Chicked " You can get in trouble for speaking the truth!
by Get Real! 09 March 21, 2009

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