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A flawed philosophy paralelling Adorexia.

Tenants of FingA:
Heaven, Hell, Carma, love, hatred are all subject to personal reality. In other words they exist only if you want them to.

All things subject to personal reality should take a secondary role to things of actualy reality.

Seeing as reality is perceived only through the personal sphere, actual reality becomes non-existent.

Seeing as Heaven, Hell, fear, love, hatred, etc.. maintains the possiblity of existing beyond your personal reality they imediently exist, due to the fact that they are concepts.

Nothing is in your control so don't worry.
(CONCEPT- NOUN)The fingA State of mind

(Adjective), FingA, this shit doesn't matter.
by Gester Grinn April 02, 2007
One who appears intellegent but only actually is in small bursts. IE. Someone who you think is smart after a 5 minute conversation.
(Noun) That kid's just a fucking Cleve-wit.
by Gester Grinn March 07, 2008
A malevolent being bent on corruption and mischief, excelling in corrupting youth and small animals.
Alias' Include:
Gester Grinn
Gester Grim
Mr. Gester
Gester Murders
Dirty lil slut mouth
Don't blame me, Gester made me do it.
by Gester Grinn March 08, 2010
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