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cirque du soleil ( circus things etc.)
cds ain't gangsta

c'mon artlovers
by gerry March 05, 2005
Term from the lexicon of Ali G. Used in place of the word "Alright".
U bin down wid da boys? Aight!
by Gerry January 24, 2005
Pendulous breasts that hang like icicles. Related to testicle in the sexual sense, icicle in the structural sense and chest as in their location on the body.
When she reached for the newspaper, her chesticles nearly fell to the pavement.
by gerry January 09, 2005
An old crusty done man who does sweet FA apart from getting shitfaced and asresholed in a generally run down pub, bar or tavern.
See the f*@king shape of yer man, nothing but a barfly
by Gerry November 17, 2004
Australian for a shit
Aww Man, ya shudda seen the beefer I just laid in the dunny... Rippah!!
by Gerry December 02, 2004
Getting so fucked up on drugs and/or booze, that all you can do the following day is to go to a local pub and get hammered
''Jaysus man, I was givin' it the barfly last night down the Anchor (to some tune)''
by Gerry November 17, 2004

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