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Germans are quite rational. Most of them think before they do anything; or try to, if possible. Therefore, they sometimes act cold. But they aren't. Most of them think a lot of old disciplines like honesty, accuracy and diligence. Sometime too much..
Germany has a lot of good people, art and music is loved; but there is a great influence of a suggested american lifestyle, suggested by bad hollywood films.

Nazi's are hated. They are mainly called as dump, rude and everytime able to club *anyone*. That can be a German too, the question is - if he's "in the way". In Germany, they're called "Neo-Nazi's", because they mainly don't have anything to do with Hitler. They use his' symbols, but they have different "aims".

By the way, I'm German, and I LOVE THIS language. It's because you can express a lot in "lyrical pictures":
You won't understand the word money-free, it doesn't exist. In German it is possible to mix both up, to get a complete new expression. Money=Geld, free=frei (it acts here as an adjective):

"Ich bin geldfrei!" means(with a comical sense): "I don't have money!". It isn't possible to say: I am(or have) money-free(which was the word-by-word translation).

And THATS the most beatiful thing in the german language! A fantastic, free use of words, which *make* new senses, and give excatly that expression, which is meant.
by German12 April 20, 2006

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