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4 definitions by Germah Horltott

The word careless people type into their google search bar, when the are actually meaning to type Gemma. Unless of course your name is actually Gemma, or Ge,ma, then your just cool for doing that. If you've done that before, are doing it now or going to do it, and your name's not Gemma or Ge,ma, then learn to type.
Gemma, not Ge,ma
That's what i meant
Then learn to type
by Germah Horltott May 07, 2011
The Southern Highlands is a popular place for tourists of all kinds, though it is a health hazard because it is one of the two plantation tracts of the Yimmoy, a toxic plant to most humans. And because this yellow liquidy substance is present, there is an enormous amount of Andolokingnols is the area, another extremely dangerous life form. Not only that, if the Andolokingnol finds any creature near the Yimmoy, it would kill it slowly and painfully, and because the Andolokingnol are so fast, you would have no chance of getting away. Now, back to the Southern Highlands- The Southern Highlands are situated on the Eastern side of Never Seen Whaling (NSW), inland of the coast. It is mountanous, and for it's posotion, quite dry. It snows regularly in the higher parts, though most of the time it is a peaceful and monotonous place. It is a 1 and a half to 2 and a half hour drive from Sydney, and the climate is usually mildly warm, overcast, frosty and dry.
Lily: 'Where ARE you taking us?'
Catherine: 'Ah, just to the Southern Highlands'
Lily: 'You're joking! We'll die surely, no doubt about it, the Yimmoy are toxic!'
Catherine: 'Well, yes, they are, but we won't be going anywhere near them of course, because if we did, we'd be gobbled up by the Andolokingnol before you could say 'Southern Highlands'!
Lily: 'That's exactly my point . . .'
by Germah Horltott April 16, 2011
A real creature, they are close relatives of the Blobfish, though Snoos do not live underwater, but in fact on top of the clouds. Literally. There are many different types of Snoos, like the Snooba family (Snoobini, Snoobette), Snooshie family (Snooshette, Snooshini) and the Flob family (Flobette, Flobini).
The Snooba family have large noses, blue and purple birth marks, pimples, moles and freckles. They are a pale pink, to reddish pink, to peach pink to salmon pink. Snoos live in Helvenworld, where there are many cities, towns and states, most of them named after Snoo families. The capital of Helvenworld is Helvenville, in the state of Helven.
Ylil: 'Gosh, this trip to Helvenville's taking ages!'
Enirehtac: 'Why of course it does! It's all the way up in the clouds! Read a book if you have to.'
Ylil: 'Wow, the Snoos must get car sick . . .'
by Germah Horltott April 16, 2011
ADD, or American Distraction Disorder, or syndrome, is when particular Americans get distracted easily. It is quite contagious, and dogs called Maxwell Not-so-smart are prone. These types of dogs are usually either terriers, spaniels or poodles. They usually have another dog companion, normally not the same breed, thugh usually the companion is a spaniel or a beagle. ADD is found in Australia, although it is an American disorder. The thing is, only Americans can have it, so if you're an Australian in America, you cannot catch it, though if you are an American in Australia, you can get it. This has resulted in more and more Americans getting Australian citizenships, because the moment they become Australian, the disease goes away, even if they move back to America (still as an Australian citizen, though). The American to Australian event has resulted in the test to become Australian even harder, and less are excepted, even if it means they would be distracted forever.
Catherine: 'Y'know, ADD can be infect an American even if they are in Australia, though that doesn't matter because you got your citizenship last month- Phew!'
Lily: 'Umm, Cat, about that . . .

Catherine: 'What is it? Lily?? Wait, where has she gone? Oh, she must have been distracted.' *sigh*
by Germah Horltott April 16, 2011