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80 years ago or so, Burrito did not exist in the spanish vocabulary. It was a word invented by anglo-americans. Why? Long ago, mexicans would carry their tacos on donkeys to sell to the anglo-american tourist that came to TJ. Anglos started to say " burrito" because the spanish word " burro" means donkey, and now most hispanic and anglo-americans believes burrito is an acutal word. Now a days, mexicans have adapted the word burrito into their vocab. Even though it does not exist in the language system in mexico.
In reality, there is many words to describe a specific taco a person would want in mexico.
What we call burrito in america is called " taco" in mexico. A tortilla wraped with anything.
Tacos sold at taco stands in TJ are called " taquitos"
Tacos sold in del-taco or taco bell do not exist and you will never find them in mexico.
Tacos that are hard shelled and rolled into guacamole or other sauses are called " tacos dorados"
Other tacos are called...flautas.
Many words to many different types of tacos but never called burrito in mexico. Other than TJ and some northern parts of mexico due to Anglo-american tourists.
by Gerico Ortiz May 28, 2005
I'm a spanish major, I have studied in spain and mexico for many years. The actual definition means " a person that was cut out of his family", comes from the word, " cortar, cortado,.. (to cut ). An orphan is diferent because a cholo was "cut" out of his family for being a dumbass, while an orphan was abonded at birth. That is why people born in latin america refer to cholos as cholos because they are always out on the street and cut out of their families for being trouble makers. Little kids and first generation hispanics don't know this word because their lack of knowledge of the spanish language. Now cholo is a way of living and dressing due to stupid media and hollywood! "cheech and chong"
Did you know, Cholos don't even exist in mexico or latin america, The cholo concept was born in the U.S. To most hispanics and latinos, cholos are a piece of shit group that give bad names to other hispanics. They are a disgrace to hard working and educated hispanics and latinos.
by Gerico Ortiz May 28, 2005

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