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N. That one thing below your heart
Uggh I ate 7 tacos and now my wadabah is killing me!

Damn that fuckin hoe stabbed my wadabah!
#that one place above your tummy #heart #chest #breast #ribcage
by Gerg The Warrior King April 03, 2006
N. A gigantic noob.
N. A big hairy man, typically fat/chubby.
N. A king of warriors.

V. To king a warrior.

2. The warrior king down the street was arrested for getting his mail naked and showing off to the neighborhood.

3. Back in 76, the Warrior King was also considered a pimp.

4. I warrior kinged the nerd in biology in exchange for test answers.
#noob #warrior #king #nerd #pimp #biology
by Gerg The Warrior King June 20, 2006
n. a word describing any variety of generic Kool-Aid, particularly grape, and extremely popular with people of the projects.
"Nigga Imma go to the sto' and pick us up some grape Jankade."

"Nigga you can't afford Kool-aid? What the fuck is wrong with you?"
#kool-aid #nigga #projects #black people #grape #koolade #koolaid #kool-ade
by Gerg the Warrior King December 27, 2007
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