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The act of worshipping the almighty god himself, The Drury. To convert to Warrenism is the act of becoming a Warrenist. To convert, you must engrave the pec symbol onto your hands and read every Chuck Norris fact but substitute 'Chuck Norris' for 'Drury'.
Man #1: What made you convert to Warrenism?
Man #2: The power of pecs.
by Gerg Wilssain April 25, 2009
Means everything from being epic at Call Of Duty, to the portion of skin connecting the scrotum to the base of the penis.
Sam is teh mega skrutts cos he is a god at COD.
Sam is skruttle.
by Gerg Wilssain November 18, 2010
When a person's hair looks like a slug/ is the same shape as a slug.
Joe Beton's hair reminds Dougy Wurtfeld of a slug.
Joe Beton has a slughead.
by Gerg Wilssain October 26, 2010

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