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The sound uttered when performing the act of cat feeting (putting the bottom of your foot on something or someone and pinching the object or person with all of your toes and the balm of your foot - like a cat would paw a surface for pleasure). Most often one would repeat the word over and over until the cat feeting session has ended.
Mrarr mrarr mrarr mrarr mrarr mrarr mrarr.
by GerbilStroker May 15, 2011
A fun kids game in which you take turns throwing at least ten gerbils into a bucket of water and then taking turns bobbing (with your mouth) for the gerbils. The fastest time, in collecting all the gerbils, wins. If any of the gerbils die during a contestants turn, they must receive a kick to the mouth by the player who's turn is after. This game is illegal in 3 countries. It was most recently banned in the UN in March of 2009.
Hey little Johnny, how about a good 'ol gerbing game for your birthday party tomorrow?
by GerbilStroker May 15, 2011
May be used as slang profanity; or to describe the act of inserting a gerbil into the anal cavity.
Stick it up gerbutt!
by GerbilStroker May 15, 2011
A word used to describe something a gerbil would think is awesome; or to describe an awesome gerbil.
That toilet paper roll is gerbawesome! Your gerbil is soooo gerbawesome!
by GerbilStroker May 15, 2011
Using a gerbil to pierce a part of the human body.
Dude, I totally told you not to get that gerbiercing; it is getting infected.
by GerbilStroker May 15, 2011
The act of rapidly pinching the fatty area of the stomach repeatedly and saying outloud "blub blub blub blub blub".
Every fat kid loves a good blubbing.
by GerbilStroker May 15, 2011
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